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All of the sites linked to below have been built by K J Petrie. Please feel free to have a look around. We hope you like what you see.

Colour Scheme on-screen Trial ToolColour Match. This simple site uses JavaScript to allow the user to change colours in the various boxes that make up the pattern.
The Diverse Diversity CampaignThe Diverse Diversity Campaign. A campaign for freedom of conscience opposing pseudo-liberal attempts to force conformance with a non-diverse understanding of diversity.
EvenAs Christian Unity A site seeking to address the theological issues which separate different Christian denominations, especially Protestants from Roman Catholics. Uses JavaScript and CSS to open lists of links on some pages.
Network for the Study of Implicit ReligionImplicit Religion. The website of the Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion
Literary work published by K.J. PetrieLiterary work – a little vanity publishing by yours truly. Originally produced in 2003, this site was re-designed in 2006 with a gently subdued colour scheme.
Stephen Loft-Simson - Sedan Chair SpecialistStephen Loft-Simson, Sedan Chair Specialist. A simple site designed to enable a specialist in sedan chairs to receive contact from interested parties. A variant of this site can also be reached as

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